The terms Teacup, Micro Mini, Pocket Nano, etc. is just a term to describe sizing and these terms are not identified as breeds. Mini pigs will in No Way shape or form fit in your purse or pocket. All mini pigs are cross bred and mixed with  many different miniature pig breeds like Juliana, potbelly, feral hog, kune kune, etc. and bred to be smaller over many generations. For this reason they are called American  Mini Pigs. There is no such thing as micro, teacup, or pocket nano. Those are just cute names to describe them for marketing purposes. You should be very Leary of any promise of a “super tiny” pig. Sizing is dependent on many factors, average mini pigs range between 12-18 inches short, and weight varies dramatically due to genetics and lifestyle just as in humans. Education and trusting your breeder is essential! . The American Mini Pig Association is working on paving the path with a nationwide database, DNA testing, and eventually lineage. 


“Mabel-Lean” and “MoHOGany” at 5 weeks old and Sisters!



Mabel-Lean is SUPER sweet and affectionate. We are in LOVE with her sweet personality. She produces spotted babies, with golden, reds, and white mixes. She really loves to be held and loves attention and belly rubs. Her piglets are always easy to socialize and very loving.


Mabel-Lean at 5 weeks Old

leaner+2leaner+3 leaner+4


Mabel-Lean is now 3.5 years old.



MoHOGany is a very easy pig. She is laid back and easy going. She has chocolate skin and red and chocolate short hair. She is very independent and sweet. She has always allowed her sister Mabel-Lean to do the work in the herd, and MoHOGany gets to follow her lead.


hogany+1 hogany+2

MoHOGany just had a litter, you can see her milk sac, so she is a bit fat in this photograph.

MoHOGany just had a litter, you can see her milk sac, so she is a bit heavy in this photograph.

MoHOGany is now 3.5 years old.



Our smallest Mini Piglet boar, and he is adorable. He is a spunky and a very confident pig. He lost his stripes as he got older, but has a beautiful golden coat. Jimmy is 3.5 years old and stands 16 inches/ He is a buff lil dude. He is just a great stud. A lover of all the females, but keeps the herd in check. 🙂 He is a very unique pig, LOVES people and affection. He often lays at my feet for a full body scratching.


Jimmy Dean at 3 months Old!


Jimmy Dean at 6 months Old!




Jimmy Dean at 7 months Old, 9 inches tall!


Jimmy Dean at 3 years old and 15 inches short.


“Sara Lee” -Because Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee!

She is the smallest female of the herd and the most sweet. She loves to lay on our lap or in bed with us. She prefers the indoors more then the other mini pigs. She is PURE LOVE! Sara is 3.5 yrs old and 15 inches short. Her and Jimmy produce beautiful piglets, and generally smaller then the others. 

sara+1 sarah+2


Full Sized Mini Pig Parents

Kevin Bacon – RETIRED!

He is a performer this one. He is full of life and personality. Kev Kev loves to do tricks, he is very social, and loves to play with our St. Bernard and other pigs. We retired Kevin when we added Jimmy Dean.


Kevin at 5 weeks old.

kevin+2 kevin+3 kevin+4 kevin+5


This is the leader of our herd, the Boss Hog. She is very independent and LOVES to graze all day. She is the easiest pig we have. She is more like a cat, when she wants attention, she finds us. All of her babies are white with black heads. She is a rounder pig, and stands 17 inches. Elly is 5 years old, and will only be having one more litter.


Elly at 4 months old.

elly+2 elly+3

Elly produces ONLY black and white mini pigs, and seems to have more potbelly in her then the others due to looks, body composition, and coloring. She will have on more litter this Spring before being retired.

Pippi Hogstocking-Future Breeder


I had been searching websites all over the US looking for a teacup piglet. I came across Honey I Shrunk The Pigs!! They happened to be within 45min from me! Jaimee clearly wants her babies to go to the right home, that was very important to me! We showed up to meet. "Mater Man" with a family crew! Jaimee and Josh spent tons of time with us and answered so many questions! Still hoping to get a 2nd piglet friend to add to my farm! Mater has brought tons of joy to my family! Love him to death! Would highly recommend buying a baby from Jaimee and Josh! you wont regret it!!

Jessica Rauch / Emmett, Idaho
, Jessica Rauch
I just want to say that Jaimee Hubert and her mini pot belly breeding program are the best! I have met many breeders in the past and her and her husband Josh are the most helpful in educating about the overall well being of her piggies and their adoptive babies. They actually care about where their babies are going. They continue to keep in touch with their adopting parents and keep an open line of communication with them in case any questions or concerns come up with the babies. Jaimee even started a piggie group on Facebook so current owners can chat and help each other out in regards to their pet piggie. They are extremely informative and helpful to the new and the experienced piggie parent. I appreciate them and their knowledge and love for the pet pig!
Jaime Hill / McCall, Idaho
, Jaime Hill


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