Please remember when it comes to price what is included in raising a mini pig properly to make a great pet. Mini pigs HAVE to be spayed/neutered to make great pets. Females go into heat every 3.5 weeks and can act very odd. Males have a foul odor and will hump everything. ALL of our piglets are vetted and fixed. This is costly, if you call your local vets, you will see it can be hard to find vets that will treat mini pigs. If a local vet will see and fix a mini pig, I have heard quotes of $400-1,200. This should be on your breeder to do, not you. Putting out that extra cost and going through a surgery is not something you want to do. Besides the vet bills, there are costs involved with parent care, formulas, structures, electricity, food, litter, harnesses, crates, business costs, and even emergencies have to be factored in. More importantly that all of the costs, is the time invested in each piglet. A well socialized pig does not happen naturally, countless hours must be put into litters, sometimes around the clock. New litters much be watched carefully for days and weeks. A piglet may need to be supplemented which is fed every 2-3 hours. Hours and hours go into socializing, clipping teeth, trips to vet, weaning, trips to feed store, baths, pictures and videos, beginning training, screening and pre-educating and post-educating owners, the list goes on and on. Basically A LOT more time and money goes into a mini pig then say a papered dog. 

Our Mini Pigs vary in price according to parent size, color and or markings, and gender. Our Standard Mini Pigs start at $750 for males and $850 for females. Our smaller mini pigs are $950-1500 depending on multiple factors listed above.

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