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All of our mini piglets come to you fixed, vet checked and health certified to fly by USDA certified vet, health guarantee.

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A portrait gallery of our mini pigs with our other pets and our family. These are our own personal images and we hope you enjoy!

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The terms Teacup, Micro Mini, Pocket Nano, etc. is just a term to describe sizing and these terms are not identified as breeds. Mini pigs will in No Way shape or form fit in your purse or pocket. All mini pigs are cross bred and mixed with  many different miniature pig breeds like Juliana, potbelly, feral hog, kune kune, etc. and bred to be smaller over many generations. For this reason they are called American  Mini Pigs. There is no such thing as micro, teacup, or pocket nano. Those are just cute names to describe them for marketing purposes. You should be very Leary of any promise of a “super tiny” pig. Sizing is dependent on many factors, average mini pigs range between 12-18 inches short, and weight varies dramatically due to genetics and lifestyle just as in humans. Education and trusting your breeder is essential! . The American Mini Pig Association is working on paving the path with a nationwide database, DNA testing, and eventually lineage. 




We are GOLD STAR Registered Breeders with The American Mini Pig Association. All of our piglets come AMPA registered, and you as an owner can register your pig and get an official birth certificate. We follow a strict breeders code of ethics put out by the AMPA. Below is the Code of Ethics we breed and adhere to.

The AMPA was developed by a dedicated team of mini pig breeders, owners, rescue advocates and veterinarians whom are committed to educating and advocating for mini pigs; by promoting healthy breeding practices, upholding the code of ethics for breeders and owners alike with the intent to help reduce the number of displaced pigs, bridging the gap between breeders and rescues, and improving the quality of the American Mini Pig.

Mission Statement: To educate, advocate, protect miniature pigs, improve breeding practices, as well as encourage responsible mini pig ownership.

Welcome to the home of our Lovable and Adorable American Mini Pigs!

We believe in Quality vs. Quantity, and complete health for our pigs. Socializing is our number one priority! We handhold every piglet from the time they are born, and begin training before they join your family.  We do not underfeed our pigs or promise unreasonably small sizes on our piglets, as a matter of fact, we do not have the “tiniest” pigs out there, just the best! Our piglets go to only the very best homes. We assist in rehoming and rescue efforts, and have 3 of our own that we have rescued, as potbellied pigs are the #1 displaced pet in America. We are We offer a full service experience,  we pre-and post-train every new parent, send texts of pigtures and videos along the baby stages, and stay in contact every milestone of your piggys life! Our home and phone are always open! Please look around the site at Pictures, Videos, PIG SIZE link, BLOG, and Frequently Asked Questions and then CONTACT US for more information and specific detailed questions.  Below is some basic information on the different breeds and sizes of miniature pigs. Our wish is that other families can share in the joy our mini pigs have brought to our family!

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What Is An American Mini Pig?



There are at least 14+ different pure breeds of miniature pigs.  Some are commonly recognized and others are considered rare or extinct.  Listed below are some of those pure breeds, but there are also many mixed breed pigs in the pet pig world who’s ancestry may never be known.  Pigs of pure and mix breeds come in many heights, shapes and sizes.  The goal of the AMPA is to begin a registry for today’s American Mini Pigs so that we may document and record their history from this time forward.  Tracking parentage, size, ownership, and eventually genetics in order to improve and produce the best quality pets. These miniature pig breeds are what American mini pigs have been mixed with and downsized over many generations.

American Pot-Bellied Pig

1. Ears: small erect ears
2. Head: Wrinkled face with a short to medium snout.
3. Neck: large jowls in proportion to the head with a short neck
4. Body/Back: pronounced potbelly with a swayed back
5. Tail: straight tail sometimes with a switch at the end
6. Legs: short in comparison to the body
7. Feet: strong, even, and forward facing
8. Skin/Hair: thin to medium hair coverage(skin is visible)
9. Temperament: Very placid and among the smartest of all miniature pig breeds
10. Average height: 16-28 inches
11. Average weight: 80-350 pounds


The Juliana is a small, colorfully spotted pig. It more closely resembles a small version of a large hog or feral pig than it does the Pot Belly Pig. It should be lean, longer than it is tall, and athletic in appearance. The Juliana should never be pudgy, heavily wrinkled, or sluggish in appearance.

1. Ears: small erect ears
2. Head: The most prominent feature of the head is a long straight snout that is neither turned up nor snubbed. Eyes are almond shaped, clearly visible, and can be blue to almost black.
3. Neck: Heavy jowls are to be discouraged.
4. Body/Back: Lean and muscular; The Juliana Pig should never look round or flabby. The top line should be straight and of proportionate length. Chest and shoulders should be of medium width, neither broad nor narrow. A slight sway in the back is permissible but discouraged. Belly should be clean and firm. A slight roundness in the belly is permissible, but there should not be a ‘Pot belly’ present. Leniency is given to sows who have produced litters.
5. Tail: Straight when relaxed with a switch on the end. When excited or in motion the Juliana tail may curl or twist.
6. Legs: Set well apart, straight when viewed from the front and rear. Front legs should be set under the shoulders but converge when in motion. Two toes of even length and two dewclaws on each foot. Rear legs should be set apart, but under the body. In motion the legs will converge. When viewed from the side, hocks should be set slightly back and be strong. Hocks should never be weak.
7. Feet: strong, closed, even, and forward facing
8. Coloration: Always spotted; the base color can be silver, white, red, rust, black, or cream. Spots are generally black, but can also be red or white. Spotting should be profuse and random, not in a piebald pattern. Spotting may fade/blend in as the hair coat gets longer, but pigmentation on the skin must be visible when washed or shaved. Hair coat is coarse, thick and may be quite long in the winter.
9. Average height: 17 inches and under

Kune Kune

1. Ears: erect or flopped, inclined forward
2. Head: face broad and dished, a short to medium snout and teeth suitable for grazing
3. Neck: short to medium, jowl light to medium
4. Body/Back: Shoulders level and in proportion, chest moderately wide between the legs, and well rounded hams. Back: strong, level or slightly arched
5. Tail: a natural tail, set high
6. Legs: straight, well set, able to support the size. Pasterns strong and resilient. The ability to walk well with a good straight action.
7. Feet: strong, closed, and even
8. Skin/Hair: Healthy, coat color matching one of the recognized colors on the AKKPS color chart. Thick coat with a lot of varying color patterns.
9. Temperament: friendly, calm, placid nature


1. Ears: Big droopy ears, not covering the eyes and overlapping mouth corner. (Ears look like a geisha hand fan)
2. Head: Big, wide forehead that has thick and heavily wrinkled skin
3. Neck: Short to medium, fat, even with body, heavily wrinkled
4. Body/Back: Medium body, with heavily wrinkled, thick skin, black coat which is sparse with hair. Skin under the belly is purple-red. Back: Strong, level to slight sway.
5. Tail: Long, black, medium hairy, straight when at rest. Tip in some can be white.
6. Legs: Vary, some long, some short, black with white socks, strong able to support their size.
7. Feet: strong, even, and forward facing
8. Skin/Hair: Thick, heavily wrinkled black skin, hair can be sparse, or heavy depending on climate.
9. Temperament: Extremely docile, easily controlled, and very lazy.
10. Average height: Sows 18-26 inches tall. Boars 20-30 inches. With an average length of 38-48 inches.


1. Ears: Large and Erect
2. Head: Narrow and long
3. Neck: Short to medium, fat, even with body.
4. Tail: Medium to long and hairless
5. Legs: Long and straight, and able to support their size
6. Vary, some long, some short, black with white socks, strong able to support their size.
7. Female Sexual Characteristics: Sows are smaller, head and forehead not as wide
8. Male Sexual Characteristics: Boars are larger than most sows with larger broader head and more masculine over all build
9. Temperament: Extremely docile, easily controlled, and very active.
10. Average height: Sows 18-26 inches tall. Boars 20-30 inches tall. Average length 38-48 inches

Ossabaw Island Pig

1. Ears: Erect Forward Facing Ears
2. Head: Heads are heavily built and slightly dished.
3. Neck: Thick with a smooth transition from head to body.
4. Nose: Long narrow snout designed for rooting.
5. Legs: Short strong straight legs. Evenly spaced, and forward facing toes.
6. Coloration: Usually black they also come spotted, red, and tan.
8. Size: 90-300 Pound


Other Popular Miniature Breeds not listed: Gottingin, Hanford, Mulefoot

All images provided by CapturingMomentsPhotography

I had been searching websites all over the US looking for a teacup piglet. I came across Honey I Shrunk The Pigs!! They happened to be within 45min from me! Jaimee clearly wants her babies to go to the right home, that was very important to me! We showed up to meet. "Mater Man" with a family crew! Jaimee and Josh spent tons of time with us and answered so many questions! Still hoping to get a 2nd piglet friend to add to my farm! Mater has brought tons of joy to my family! Love him to death! Would highly recommend buying a baby from Jaimee and Josh! you wont regret it!!

Jessica Rauch / Emmett, Idaho
, Jessica Rauch
I just want to say that Jaimee Hubert and her mini pot belly breeding program are the best! I have met many breeders in the past and her and her husband Josh are the most helpful in educating about the overall well being of her piggies and their adoptive babies. They actually care about where their babies are going. They continue to keep in touch with their adopting parents and keep an open line of communication with them in case any questions or concerns come up with the babies. Jaimee even started a piggie group on Facebook so current owners can chat and help each other out in regards to their pet piggie. They are extremely informative and helpful to the new and the experienced piggie parent. I appreciate them and their knowledge and love for the pet pig!
Jaime Hill / McCall, Idaho
, Jaime Hill

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