Don’t believe the hype! Mini pigs are not tiny. There is no “Micro” or “Teacup” breed. Mini pigs grow up until 5 years old. They are manageable house pets, however no weight can ever be guaranteed. Mini pigs are short but dense, most can be compared to a bull dog.

There are at least 14+ different pure breeds of miniature pigs.  Some are commonly recognized and others are considered rare or extinct.  Listed on our homepage are some of those pure breeds, but there are also many mixed breed pigs in the pet pig world who’s ancestry may never be known.  Pigs of pure and mix breeds come in many heights, shapes and sizes.  The goal of the AMPA is to begin a registry for today’s American Mini Pigs so that we may document and record their history from this time forward.  Tracking parentage, size, ownership, and eventually genetics in order to improve and produce the best quality pets.

Although mini pigs should be referred to in inches, many breeders will claim small unrealistic weights. Prospective owners often times want to know how much their mini pig will weigh. There are a few problems in gauging mini pigs size. First, many owners try and compare mini pig weights to dogs, and since mini pigs are 3 times more dense then dogs, a 75 lb mini pig sounds huge to people when compared to a dog. When comparing to a dog, you can compare them to a bull dog when full grown at 3-5 years old. The American Mini Pig Associations breed standard for mini pigs broadly range from 50-150 pounds. This is due to the fact that they are all cross bred with no real research on mini pig research, DNA for parentage and lineage, or nationwide database to show averages as of yet. The AMPA is out to change that. Pigs look half the size of their weight in body composition compared to dogs, meaning a 100 pound mini pig can look like a 50 pound dog.

If you decide to add a mini pig to your family, please remember that a  mini pig under 50 pounds has not been proven over 5 years old, nor has their offspring maintaining said size. A 50 lb mini pig is actually quite small and often times only 14-15 inches short. and very small compared to their ancestors.

Basically, If weight is a huge factor, get a guinea pig, they stay tiny!


What Is An American Mini Pig?

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