We take pride in our mini pigs and the parents/families we choose! We heavily screen and we want you to be able to screen us too! Here are a few references to give you comfort that we are trustworthy breeders and follow through with what we say. With all the scams out there we want you to be able to contact any of our previous piggy parents that we adore!

Feel free to check up on us and see what past piggy owners have to say about us!


Debra Jo Chiapuzio / President of the Emma Zen Foundation

Orange County, California
It seems these days to be politically correct in the animal world you “need” to adopt. While I agree with adoption, I believe there are many circumstance in which great pets can be found. They range from saving the alley cat to “reputable” breeders. Controversy aside there are individuals that responsibly and morally breed pets. When it came to wanting a piglet I couldn’t have found anyone who fits the term of responsible more than the Huberts of Honey I Shrunk the Pig. They educated me in housing, caring, feeding, first aid, health and social aspects. They interviewed me on the phone and asked questions that impressed even me… I am a pet first aid and CPR instructor, I run a Pet Safety non profit and I have housed many a funny critter. I can not tell you how impressed I was with their level of care they not only put into the pets they had but the depth in which they made sure their offspring went to. The concern for what would happen to the piglets in the long term as well as their commitment to education of responsible pet parents makes Honey I Shrunk the Pigs the most responsible of pig breeders I know. I think they could teach class on how to become a breeder with integrity and to do something right just because you truly care! We were so honored that they were able to stop by and see our home for themselves, as we know they have done with many of their pig parents. They have helped us to build a pig community of pig parents which has lead to the social health of many of the piglets. They outlined facts from fiction and continue to do so on their websites and social media to which they are allows apart of. You are still there for us and that in and of itself says more about the people that own Honey I Shrunk the Pig then I ever could! “Reputable Breeders” are based about the individuals and these are extraordinary ones!!! I thank you for all the guidance, support, friendship and most of all for the most amazing soul we have ever lived with, that little love bug you call a piglet! Baby Banks…

Mimi Robson

Long Beach, California
(562) 746-1885

I saw a video posted on a friend’s Facebook page of a litter of “Honey I Shrunk the Pigs” piglets and I fell in LOVE!!! I’ve always wanted a pig but wasn’t seriously looking, BUT once I saw my little guy it was LOVE at first sight!! And it must have been meant to be, because the very next day I called Jaimee Hubert, and after an extensive interview she agreed that I would in fact be a good piglet owner. I was so impressed that she was so thorough in deciding if I was a proper candidate for one of her piglets and also that she told me all the things I should check (local ordinances, etc.) before I actually signed the contract.
Once everything was agreed upon and the contract was signed (which also impressed me that they stated that if anything were ever to change and I couldn’t keep Declan, which would never happen, I was to return him to THEM for proper placement) they arranged the flight from Boise to Los Angeles. Over the next week they spent countless hours on the phone with me telling me EVERYTHING I needed to know for his arrival In addition they sent me pictures and videos of my little guy being held and loved which made me that much more confident in my decision to adopt a piglet from them. The following Saturday he arrived at the airport, safe and sound, with plenty of food and formula. Once he arrived they were always available via phone, email and Facebook to answer any questions I had!!
I am a strong advocate of adopting “rescue” animals but with Jaimee and Josh I saw the love they have for their herd and the happy and healthy babies that they breed so I felt really good about them. And in addition they too are strong advocates of rescues and help place older pigs as well as donate to pig rescues.
These are wonderful people that don’t fall under the normal definition of “breeders”!! They have been there for me step by step with my little guy and have even set up a Facebook group for mini pig owners so we have a true network of pig lovers There are a lot of mini pig breeders out there that say all kinds of things that just aren’t true but not these breeders!! They are completely open, honest and there for you every step of the way. If you’re interested in adopting a piglet these are the ONLY ones that I would recommend!!!!!

Jaime Hill

McCall, Idaho

I Just want to say that Jaimee Hubert and her mini pot belly breeding program are the best! I have met many breeders in the past and her and her husband Josh are the most helpful in educating about the overall well being of her piggies and their adoptive babies. They actually care about where their babies are going. They continue to keep in touch with their adopting parents and keep an open line of communication with them in case any questions or concerns come up with the babies. Jaimee even started a piggie group on Facebook so current owners can chat and help each other out in regards to their pet piggie. They are extremely informative and helpful to the new and the experienced piggie parent. I appreciate them and their knowledge and love for the pet pig!

Laura Aldridge

Nampa, Idaho
(208) 477-7117

When I told my husband “I want a mini pig. What do you think?” His response was “a mini what?!” The next day I came home from work and he was sitting at the computer, saying “come look at this.” He had researched mini pigs and mini pig breeders, and after learning how incredibly clean and smart they are, he was eager to get a mini pig as well. When I called “Honey I Shrunk the Pigs” and asked where they were located, I was told Nampa, Idaho, which ended up being within five miles of our house. The breeder, Jaimee, and her husband invited us out to their house to meet them and the piggies. A deposit was made, and as soon as the piggies were born I was receiving “pigtures” and regular updates. We were able to meet our piggy Ellie Mae when she was only 3 weeks old, who was already comfortable being held and kissed. When the time came to take her home, Jaimee had already educated me about potty training, tricks, getting her fixed, a great local veterinarian, and feeding, so I felt prepared. It was also a comfort hearing “you can ask us questions any time” and “let us know when you need us to babysit!” They even sent us home with a pet carrier and some piggy food. When we got Ellie home, we fed her then took her outside, where she went potty and we praised her. Ever since she has let us know when she needs to go outside, where she does her business in one corner. Ellie sleeps in a dog bed in our bedroom, and rarely wakes us up in the middle of the night. It is also so much fun to teach her tricks; I am amazed at her intelligence! I still stay in contact with Jaimee via phone, facebook, and e-mail, of which she has been such a help with my questions and also a friend to share “Ellie updates” with. Honey I Shrunk the Pigs are breeders that are both professional and friendly, and I would recommend them to anybody, local or distant. I look forward to seeing Ellie grow up and getting another piggy from these breeders in the future.

Jessica Rauch

Emmett, Idaho
I had been searching websites all over the US looking for a teacup piglet. I came across Honey I Shrunk The Pigs!! They happened to be within 45min from me! Jaimee clearly wants her babies to go to the right home, that was very important to me! We showed up to meet. “Mater Man” with a family crew! Jaimee and Josh spent tons of time with us and answered so many questions! Still hoping to get a 2nd piglet friend to add to my farm! Mater has brought tons of joy to my family! Love him to death! Would highly recommend buying a baby from Jaimee and Josh! you wont regret it!!

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